Professional Removals in the South West

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, we offer goods in transit and public liability insurance with all our moves.

How long does a move take?

An average local move will take 3 or 4 hours but when you factor in completion and key release we will probably need the whole day.

Can you dismantle and re-assemble furniture?

Yes, our team are fully equipped and able to deal with these situations. We also can uninstall and replumb your washing machine/dishwasher.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We do not ask you to pay a deposit and offer pay on the day of the move.

What about heavy/large items?

You do not need to worry about this. We have lifting equipment for heavy and difficult items.

Do you charge for key waiting times?

We understand the frustration of completing on your sale and purchase and that sometimes there may be a delay in getting your new kets. We do not charge a waiting time.

Do we need to empty the furniture?

We do ask that you empty the wardrobe of all clothes, boxes, etc however, smaller items – bedside tables for example do not need to be emptied.

Do you provide boxes?

We can provide packing boxes for a small charge which is a lot less than you will pay anywhere else. These boxes are specifically designed for packing items too and are strong.

Can you dispose of unwanted items?

We can arrange for items to be disposed of but this will incur an additional fee.

Can you provide storage?

Yes, we can provide storage for your furniture at our local storage facility.

How much notice do we need to give you to secure a booking?

While we understand that moving is not always straightforward, the more notice you can give us of your expected move date, the better. Just keep us informed of the progress of your move.

Will it cost me if I have to change the moving date?

This is quite a common occurrence and, as such, we don’t charge a fee for moving the date. All we ask is that you keep us informed of any changes as soon as you know.

Do you offer a cleaning service?

Yes, our house valeting service includes vacuuming, cleaning floors, inside cupboards and wardrobes, cleaning bathrooms and toilets and means you can relax knowing you are leaving behind a clean house for the new occupants.

Do you use protective covers?

When it comes to sofas and mattresses, we offer protective covers to keep your items clean and safe during the move. We can also offer garment covers, protective white tissue paper and other protective products.